Tourists from all over the world, possessing different passions and ideas of their perfect vacation, will definitely find something to their liking in Australia. This is a country of contrasts, an ancient continent where modern megalopolises coexist with the vast expanses of national parks. These parks have preserved all the riot of natural shades, uncharted vegetation and places, inhabited by unprecedented animals. Such a diversity could hide different threats, of which the tourists should be aware.

Specific features of rest in Australia

Surfing fans go to the continent for a unique opportunity to ride the waves of two oceans – the Pacific and the Indian oceans. The abundance of beaches, washed by the majestic waters, has earned Australia the unspoken title of a second home for surfers, where you can catch the longest waves in the world by the Snapper Rocks.

Even if you have never been diving, here you cannot resist the temptation to plunge into the magical, exciting world of the underwater kingdom. Nowhere else will you see such abundance of marine life: there are millions of fish of various and bizarre shapes, stingrays, turtles, octopuses, moray eels and many more representatives of the vast expanses of water.

Some of the animal species could be met only here: platypuses, koalas, emus, kangaroos. Diverse and not similar, like the mainland itself, national parks are included in the UNESCO heritage list: Blue Mountains, Kakadu, Daintree, Canberra, Black Mountain, and Eucalyptus Grove.

Nevertheless, do not focus on a standard set of excursions. There are hundreds of miles between many sights and the standard routs in the internet are not always correctly developed. Check every planned step, look for comfortable ways to move. You can rent a car at the Hertz airport Sydney and start your route at this city. Moreover, try to combine two areas of rest. You can spend the first days with complete comfort in a civilized metropolis with museums and restaurants, and only then relax for a couple of days on the beaches of the northern coast of Australia and visit, for example, the Kakadu National Park.

Australia is an amazing continent that never ceases to delight tourists from all over the world. In this country, in close connection with modern art, ancient natural monuments, rare animals and plants have been preserved. It is worth seeing Australia at least once, but to explore it, the whole life will not be enough.